Ivera Group Expands its Forensic Consulting Services to include Building Consulting

Ivera Group Expands its Forensic Consulting Services to include Building Consulting


Ivera Group, Inc. (the “Company” or “Ivera”), a forensic consulting services company, announced the formation of its new building consulting business, Ivera Building Consultants, LLC (“IBC”). Ivera has established itself as one of the premier forensic consulting businesses in the areas of forensic accounting, forensic engineering, and medical legal services, and this expansion into building consulting is a natural fit with our growth philosophy.

“Our customers and the marketplace in general have expressed a need for consulting in building construction. With our team of highly skilled and experienced employees we will provide a professional, efficient and cost-effective approach to consulting on building construction,” said Bill Gruhler, CEO of Ivera. “The formation of IBC not only serves as an opportunity to uncover new ways to create value for our customers, but underscores Ivera’s commitment to supporting the industries we serve nationally.”

IBC will specialize in property damage building consulting, providing clients with explicit estimates for property damage, project management, and construction management. Additionally, they will also provide services for surety, environmental, health and safety needs, and dispute resolution.

IBC will be under the leadership of Mr. Joseph Pavone and Mr. Ronald Cuff, seasoned executives each with experience in operating companies in the building consulting business.

Mr. Pavone and Mr. Cuff are industry veterans with more than 30+ years of combined experience in building construction gained through experience at both regional and nationally recognized companies. They are both well known and highly respected leaders in the industry and their expertise will prove instrumental in our expansion into the building construction consulting marketplace.

“We are thrilled to welcome Joe and Ron to the team. The addition of such credible and influential individuals is validation of the opportunity and our vision for the future. We are excited to partner with Joe and Ron and their team in aggressive pursuit of the Company’s growth and sustainability,” said Gruhler.

“These are exciting times. We appreciate the opportunity to join the Ivera team and look forward to continuing the success that the Company has experienced over the years,” said Joseph Pavone, Vice President of IBC. “I know our entire team is looking forward to being part of the next chapter in Ivera’s story.”

“Joining Ivera enables us to bring our specialized skills to a vast and growing customer base, while assisting them in an ever-changing and dynamic construction environment,” said Ronald Cuff, Vice President of IBC. “I am excited to be working with Ivera on our shared vision of growth and creating value for our clients.”

Ivera has and will continue to expand and accelerate our growth through strategic acquisitions, collaborations, and the recruitment of top-notch professionals to join our organization.


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