Kim & Wright, PC Joins Ivera Group’s Forensic Consulting Business

Kim & Wright, PC Joins Ivera Group’s Forensic Consulting Business


FLORHAM PARK, N.J., January 6, 2022 – Ivera Group, Inc. (the “Company” or “Ivera”), a forensic consulting services company, today announced that the firm of Kim & Wright, PC (“Kim & Wright”) has joined their forensic consulting group.

“Kim & Wright is a leader in the financial investigation marketplace, with an impressive customer base and highly skilled and experienced employees,” said Bill Gruhler, CEO of Ivera. “Kim & Wright has built a successful business, and we will expand and accelerate that by bringing our resources to bear, building on the momentum they have established to date.”

“Kim & Wright aligns with our growth strategy and meets the requirements that we have previously laid out: a strong recurring revenue model that complements our business, with a loyal customer base and the ability to leverage our operating model and infrastructure to run the business more efficiently,” continued Gruhler. “We are thrilled that Kim & Wright has joined our portfolio of companies and look forward to continuing to grow our client base.”

Kim & Wright was founded in 1998, with a focus on providing forensic accounting services. They offer clients effective solutions for all types of financial investigations.

“We are pleased to be joining the Ivera team,” said John Kim, CPA, one of the founders and President of Kim & Wright. “By joining forces, we gain access to additional resources and industry experts from a variety of disciplines and backgrounds that complement our team and the services we deliver. We also share key business values, the most important of which is providing high quality service to our clients.”

Mr. Kim brings a wealth of knowledge and experience in the forensic accounting field, and we are excited to have him continue on with the Company as Vice President of our forensic accounting services segment of our operations.

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