Building Consulting

Building Consulting


Our professionals have a wealth of knowledge and years of experience in the construction field. We provide expert consulting services across all market sectors and on a wide variety of construction projects. We strive to meet the growing demands of our clients within the insurance industry.

Damage Assessment, Scope Identification, & Estimating

We have seasoned construction professionals with experience in property damage inspections, preparation of loss scopes, estimating and project scheduling. We believe in preparing an accurate scope and accurate estimates the first time to ensure quick and easy claim resolution. Our consultants are all knowledgeable professionals who have years of experience in producing estimates that are reliable and result in attainable project cost and time for contractors.


Water & Smoke Restoration Consulting

We can accurately determine the right amount of drying equipment in order to properly dry any structure. We determine if a contractor has excessive or not enough drying equipment on site. We also review daily monitoring reports after drying is completed and can verify effectiveness regarding billing. Our consultants are IICRC certified in water remediation, structural drying, and fire & smoke.


Project Monitoring & Clerk of the Works

Projects can have a lot of moving parts that can be difficult to track. If problems are not caught early, projects can get off schedule and expensive. Ivera Group catches problems early and makes the necessary adjustments to provide unmatched experience in monitoring restoration and construction projects of varied size, allowing us to provide real time project cost reporting and control.


Roofing Inspection & Evaluation

Our roofing consultants come from the industry where they have installed, repaired, inspected, and estimated all types of roofing systems. We inspect for wind, hail, and installation issues. Being real roofing professionals, we can determine the difference between storm and installation damages. Providing detailed reports and accurate estimates allows us to settle controversial claims in a timely and concise manner. Our consultants are HAAG and IIBEC certified.


Catastrophe Response Services

Ivera Group provides support to insurance property adjusters when a catastrophe occurs anywhere in the world. We have responded to many types of catastrophic events and have experienced construction consultants to deploy when these events occur. We have the ability to mobilize immediately, this helps provide accurate responses for clients in an otherwise chaotic environment.


Specialty Consulting

Our team has a wealth of in-field construction, project management, and consulting experience that allows us to offer numerous specialty consulting services. We’re happy to help, just ask!

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