Medical Legal Services

Medical Legal Services


The Ivera Group provides medical legal services through the acquisition Perspective Consulting, Inc. which was founded in 1990. Together we offer our clients effective medical solutions for all types of medically related files.

Our services include, but are not limited to:

  • Nationwide Multispecialty Independent Medical Examinations
  • Comprehensive Medical Record Reviews
  • Diagnostic Study Reviews
  • Peer reviews
  • Nurse Reviews
  • Record Retrieval via Authorization or Subpoena


Ivera Group, Inc. schedules Independent Medical Examinations (IME’s), nationwide with Board Certified Medical Specialists. Independent Medical Examinations offer an objective medical opinion to determine the current medical status of an individual. In addition to offering a detailed history documenting treatment, pre-existing conditions, residuals, relationship of the diagnosis to the incident in question, we can also address any specific concerns that are requested by a client.

A comprehensive Medical Record Review (MRR) provides a global perspective and is an excellent resource for gaining a more in depth understanding of the medical aspects of a claim file. A MRR is performed by a Board Certified specialist and is often utilized alone, as a precursor to an Independent Medical Examination or in place of an Independent Medical Examination in the event that an Independent Medical Examination is not feasible or attainable.

A Peer Review is an additional resource to consider when a specific specialty, treatment and corresponding diagnoses needs to be addressed. While it is a less global review, it remains comprehensive.

A diagnostic study review is an independent review and analysis of studies such as MRIs, CT Scans, Bone Scans or X-Rays by a Board Certified Radiologist or Neuroradiologist as appropriate.

A nurse review is an important and practical tool used by our clients when they need assistance with direction or education regarding a file. A nurse review can be used on all types of medically related files ranging from the very simple to the extremely complex. Our nurses work with you to provide a retrospective and factual written review and analysis of the medical aspects of your file, making the complex simple. Nurse reviews can help you gain a new perspective regarding the management of your file.

The Ivera Group can also assist with retrieving records by either utilizing an authorization that is provided by our client or securing an authorization. If a file is in litigation, we can secure a subpoena to obtain necessary records.

The Ivera Group reports services in a timely manner. Hire us today!

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